10 tips for driving in snow WITHOUT chains

10 tips for driving in snow WITHOUT chains

If you want to know how to drive in snow without chains, here are all the keys
When the first snowflakes fall, traffic suffers, but the truth is that thanks to these tips for driving in the snow without chains, the journey to work or home does not have to become hell.
Here are the 10 tips for driving with snow without chains and because knowledge does not take place, I also leave you this video that explains, step by step, how to fit car chains.

  1. Tank full

Fuel tank gauge

Try to always have the fuel tank full of gasoline. So, in case you get stuck in the snow, you can use the heating.

  1. Wear chains, just in case …

cold snow I practice metal video

If you plan to travel to the north of Spain, it is very important to have a set of chains. Remember that they always go on the axis in which the motor power is transmitted.

  1. Switch to winter tires

Five winter tires for less than 100 euros

Winter tires are an excellent option when the weather conditions are difficult. When the temperature drops below seven degrees, it is more than advisable to use them, since they improve the grip on cold asphalt. It can take up to 31 meters more to stop from 50 km / h.

  1. Ride smoothly

Three Hyundai Kona to the test in the snow

Get a smoother ride and avoid steering at all costs. Keep in mind that it is very easy to skid when driving on snow without chains.

  1. What to do if the car skids

DS7 Crossback test in snow

If the car is skidding, stay calm and trust your vehicle’s stability control. If your car does not have this security element, try to keep the vehicle’s trajectory by making gentle movements on the steering wheel.

  1. The brakes, gently

Always use the brakes with extreme care and do not make sudden braking.

  1. Use of gears

Always try to ride in the highest gear possible and do it at a low rev level. Make sure that the car does not suffer traction losses due to excess force.

  1. Only for diesel

If your car is diesel, you can move it at low speeds without pressing the accelerator. You will see that it will start to move better than if you press the accelerator.

  1. If you get stuck …

DS7 Crossback test in snow

In case you get stuck in the snow, try to start off as smoothly as possible. That is, without operating the accelerator and maintaining the straight direction at all times.

  1. Heating and air conditioning

Use heating in combination with air conditioning. To do this, you will only have to choose a high temperature, about 22 degrees, and have the air conditioning button activated.

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