Dogs afraid of thunder

Dogs afraid of thunder

In the rainy season and depending on the area where you live, the weather conditions could be more or less intense, from light showers to the point where heavy rain is common. During this time it is common for some people to be scared by hearing the loud noise of thunder, but this feeling could also affect your dog.

It is normal that in the presence of thunder your dog seeks to take refuge inside the house or under the table and that his heart rate accelerates. Some may be stunned by fear without being able to move normally.

What is this great fear due to?

This is more recurrent than you think since their instinct makes them react during storms as a defense mechanism that tells them to seek protection. However, this reaction could also be due to some trauma that you have suffered during your life related to booming noises. It is also good to bear in mind that their senses and ours are not the same, so something that we perceive in a way, they could suffer it more intensely. Another reason could be due to the accumulation of static in his fur that could give an electric shock to his nose when it comes in contact with an object or person, which could generate greater fear.

In these situations your dog could become so anxious that he could start digging in the chairs or walls, he could even manifest skin conditions or stomach upset that end in vomiting. Some could be paralyzed for hours.

How to calm your dog from thunder?

It is important that during episodes of thunder rain you give your dog understanding and affection to help him calm down. Find a place where you feel safe during these climatic episodes, some dogs may have extreme behaviors in their search for safety. It is recommended that you do not scold him, as you could increase his discomfort; the best thing is that you distract him with something that he likes as his favorite toy. You could also eliminate the static that accumulates in their fur, there are special brushes for dogs for this.

If where you live this type of climate is normal, you should gradually try to accustom him to these situations. This is easier if you give him all your love. However, if the case of anxiety that your dog manifests is acute, you should go to the vet to prescribe some medication to calm him or, where appropriate, ask him for a specialist in animal behavior to help them improve this condition in your mascot.

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With these tips now you know how to calm your dog from thunder, and above all understand his fearful behavior in this situation. The most important thing is that you carry out the advice so that your dog feels protected.

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