Top 6 Weather Widget Apps for iPhone (IOS)

Top 6 Weather Widget Apps for iPhone (IOS)

The iOS 14 update offers much-needed customization options for iPhone users. With the latest iOS firmware, consumers can finally place resizable and informative widgets on the iPhone home screen. You can also go ahead and hack your way to change app icons. Widgets are preferred by many users and they place the most important ones like Clock, Weather, Task app, Photos, and more on the home screen.

Apple has done a decent job with its own home screen widgets. They do the job for most but leave a lot to be desired. However, the default widgets set a perfect example for developers to follow.

As you may have guessed, the developer community is way ahead of Apple in implementation. They are delivering different types of widgets with more information and a better appearance. One of those categories is the weather apps with iOS 14 widget support.

The default weather widget is limited to only hourly temperature and forecast details for the day. Third-party apps take the experience further with more information to view. We are talking about details of multiple locations, AQI levels, wind speeds, humidity levels, UV index, and more.

This post will talk about the 6 best weather apps that offer a rich iOS 14 widget experience on the iPhone home screen. Let us begin.

1. SolarWatch

SolarWatch is a beautiful, minimalistic display of the day and night cycle and weather conditions at your current location and thousands of global locations around the world.

The app displays the current weather in the center, while the weather for the next 24 hours is displayed around the sun wheel in a very natural and intuitive way.

In addition to the solar wheel, the times of sunrise and sunset and information on the hours of civil, nautical, and astronomical twilight are displayed.

Presentation is the key when it comes to designing weather widgets. And I must say that SolarWatch has achieved the general implementation.

The app also offers additional features such as solar event-based alarms and golden hour displays as part of the paid Subscription.

Download the app: HERE

2. ClimaCell weather assistant

ClimaCell is one of the best weather apps out there. The app offers detailed minute-by-minute forecasts, rain and snow alerts, air quality maps, and wind speeds.

Speaking of the iOS 14 widget, it’s packed with useful information. The large widget displays predictions like whether there will be rain or snow in the next hour or not. It also shows the AQI levels and mentions whether it is healthy, moderate, or dangerous for you.

Support for multiple locations is my favorite from the list of features. For example, you can set your home and work location and view the current temperature for both locations directly from the home screen widget.

ClimaCell also comes with Google Calendar integration inside. The application is also available on Android.

Download the app: HERE

  1. HeyWeather

HeyWeather is a handy app that provides stylish home screen widgets to check the weather of your desired location. Unlike other weather apps, you have the option to customize icons, colors, and styles to customize widgets.

You can choose up to 10 cities to monitor the weather of your desired location. Also, you can choose different widget sizes for each location. App-wise, I love those live cloud and rain animations within the app. You can also view wind speed, humidity, UV index, pressure, dew point, and approximate visibility.

I also appreciate the default gradient effect on the background of the widget. It looks good compared to its rivals.

Download the app: HERE

  1. Weather line

Weather Line offers some of the most detailed weather widgets on the home screen of the iPhone with iOS 14. The application offers a cool temperature graph that displays the hourly forecast directly on the widget.

You can also take a look at additional information such as how it feels outside, rain forecast, cloud cover, AQI levels, UV index, wind speeds, sunrise and sunset times, pressure, humidity, and more.

As for customization, you can change the app icon, app theme, and even customize the look of the home widget.

Download the app: HERE

  1. Color widgets

The apps mentioned above offer built-in weather widgets to choose from. Color Widgets allow you to create one from scratch. I like the style and design elements of the weather widgets built into the Color Widgets app. You can add a gradient background, picture wallpaper, and even select simple widgets in a minimalist style.

However, there is no way to see other information as Color Widgets is an application for creating widgets. The customization options make sense when you want to add information like battery details, day, time, and more, in addition to temperature details on the home screen.

Download the app: HERE

  1. Weather widget & Radar FUJI

The Fuji weather is not just a general weather app, but it is designed as an impressive highlight for your phone. Its carefully crafted widgets will make your home screen sparkle and you can easily check the weather condition at a glance without having to open the app.

The Weather Widget app is completely focused on delivering weather widgets for your iPhone home screen. Open the app and it will offer you some of the best out-of-the-box widgets to choose from. Tap on your favorite widget and get ready to customize every detail of the widget.

You can CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING in the widgets with your pictures, unlimited font, and colors.

– VARIOUS WIDGET STYLES For any of your decoration needs. For example, DIGITAL & ANALOG CLOCKS for stylish lovers, cat, and dog for animal lovers, metallic for strong style, flower styles for flower lovers…

In addition, the app FUJI also has many other useful widgets such as UV index, environmental pollution index, clock, and weather combination. Especially, Radar lives and Radar Widget helps you to monitor the weather map right on the phone screen.


I’m glad Apple has finally tackled the widget train in iOS 14. You can quickly take a look at essential weather information and the forecast for the remaining day and plan your trip accordingly. Go ahead and give them a try and put helpful weather widgets on iPhone’s default home.


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